Twitter and innovative storytelling

I’m a big fan of interactive storytelling. In recent editions, I’ve raved about “Bandersnatch,” the Black Mirror movie on Netflix that’s a delightful and dark experiment in “choose your adventure” in a visual medium.

It’s also fascinating when technology tools are used in ways that its creators could not have anticipated or expected.

Combine those two concepts, and I give you Siobhan Thompson, who had the brilliant yet simple idea (and the brilliant ideas often are) to use Twitter’s polling feature to create her own experiment in storytelling.

A little tease of a story is introduced, followed by a question and four choices. The people of Twitter vote, and then the story continues based on the selection of the masses, with another poll so that everyone decides what happens next. It doesn’t matter if the story is a little bit silly, the experiment and the intent behind it is fun as hell. It begins with

  • This is it. You finally made it to the corner office. You’re the second youngest VP in your whole company (but technically the other one got his job through nepotism, so…). You’ve worked super hard, made sacrifices, been ruthless, and here you are, looking out on the East River

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