Green Day’s Dookie (+ side notes relating to hair cutting and punk rock)

In my mind’s eye (which is all seeing + knowing… about random things that are cherished within the Pop Culture Arcana Arcade), posters for Green Day’s debut album, Dookie, were ubiquitous at my good old alma mater in Binghamton, New York. If you’re like, “What’s Dookie?” you are either older or very likely younger than I am. Anyway, here’s 10 things you didn’t know about the band.

  • Side note related to hair cutting and punk rock #1: In the late ’90s, I lived in Berkeley, California, very close to the famous 924 Gilman punk rock club where legendary bands such as Operation Ivy (one of my very favorites to this day) and Green Day were said to have plied their trade back in the day. The lady who cut my hair for a spell claimed to have cut Billie Joe’s hair. She was very nonchalant about it but you could tell that she was most proud about this.
  • Side note related to hair cutting and punk rock #2: Cut to to the late 2010s, and for a (short) spell a woman cut my hair in my current home of Seattle who claimed lots of stuff. Here’s a sampling:
    • She handled the money for touring bands for many years, including Wu Tang Clan and Johnny Cash’s final tour.
    • She’s been in a decades-long relationship with Henry Rollins of Black Flag and Rollins Band and spoken word and lots of other fames.
    • She dated Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA “We are Neegan!” from The Walking Dead (and also the star of Magic City, a cool ’50s noir drama that was sadly canceled after its second season).
    • She also made a few offhand racist remarks, so she’s no longer my hair cutter. A very nice guy at a different salon named David that my wife turned my on to is now The Chosen One.
  • Side note related to hair cutting and punk rock #3: Billie Joe always did have some pretty cool hair going on, right? Though perhaps not quite as rad as this guy.

Final non-side note on Green Day: they’ve compiled a really great body of work over the years, with many of their albums improving on what had come before. If you’re into power pop or uptempo punk rock with great hooks and vocals, you should give them a check out if you’re not familiar.

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