Fyre Bad (But Fyre Good)

If you’re not familiar with the Fyre Festival, don’t panic. There was only one, it went horrifically off the rails, and it won’t be happening ever again. There are two recent documentaries about it making the rounds (one on Netflix, and one on Hulu). I watched the Netflix one recently, Fyre, and it is fascinating, hilarious, and infuriating at different turns.

This Rolling Stone piece looks at Fyre Fest through the lens of what it says about the tech industry and “#posivibes tech bros” culture. For anyone who works in technology — and perhaps other industries as well — this pull quote is absolute genius:

  • One of the phrases often repeated in the halls of Snap, Inc. was “learn to thrive in ambiguity.” The bones of the phrase are noble: stay open to many possibilities. But in practice it was used like a weapon against doubt.

Jason Calacanis adds:

  • Our justice system in America might be inconsistent and slow, but it takes particular pride in its ability to take down people who commit crimes in combination with a cap table (see Theranos, the Zenefits settlement, ICO actions, etc.).

The Fyre Festival docs suit the current moment perfectly in so many different ways. Andrew Sweet lays down a #sickburn with relation to the current occupier of the White House:

  • Outlandish promises, exploitation of labor, compulsive lies, underwhelming food selections… Trump is the Fyre Festival of Presidents.

A little bit of good news stemming from the buzz stirred up by the two documentaries: A GoFundMe for the Fyre Fest Caterers Has Raised Over $60,000.

And meanwhile, Seth Rogen and Lonely Island are busy making a movie“about a music festival that goes HORRIBLY WRONG.” Like many people, I can’t get enough Fyre Festival and/or Fyre Festival-adjacent content, so I am looking forward to this.

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