A little background

In 2002 or 2003, I started writing an e-mail newsletter about things that interested me (feels like a zillion years ago!). In essence, I’ve always been a sucker for a good story and I enjoyed sending out and commenting on things that turn me on. I even recruited some friends to write for it as well, and I enjoyed the editing process — something I would do a lot more of in later years while helping to run blogging community Blogcritics. 

During my Blogcritics years and later, running a (now mostly dead) TV news and reviews website called TV Geek Army, I wrote, edited, and published thousands of articles. Then, due to life stuff and career stuff, at some point I stopped. And the Internet changed too: blogging waned in influence while the rise of social media allowed for a super easy way to share updates, links, and information. 

My blogging also tailed off as I wrote a few books and relied ever more heavily on Twitter as my primary means of sharing stuff. And as noted above, more recently I started having the itch to do something a bit more creative and longform… 

And there’s something a little bit more intimate about the e-mail newsletter, isn’t there? Sure, I know that you and I both get a ton of these, many marketing-oriented in nature, that get deleted sight unseen. But a really good e-mail is something closer to the — dare I say it — snail mail letter experience from back in the day (or at least back in the day for us Olds!) where you can dive in and enjoy a deeper experience at your own timing and pace. 

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